Ever wondered about the HSN credit card? Read this to learn everything!

Ever wondered about the hsn credit card? Credit cards are very beneficial because they give us the opportunity to shop now and pay later. They are issued by financial institutions such as Comenity Bank. This is a back-end credit card issuer which provides store credit cards directly or through subsidiaries. Currently, there are 34 million Comenity Bank credit card holders in the world. One of the stores whose credit cards they provide is the HSN store. This one provides shoes, jewelry, women’s clothing, health, accessories, beauty products and home furnishings. With outlets in Florida and an online store too, they have a wide reach in the apparel and home items industry. Read on to learn more about the Comenity Bank credit cards as well as the HSN store.

Distinguishing factor of the Comenity Bank credit cards

HSN Credit CardComenity Bank credit cards are quite popular. This is because you can get them easily even if you have bad credit. This financial institution does not perform strict background checks when issuing credit cards. As such, you can get one even if you do not have perfect credit. Comenity Bank offers credit cards for a variety of sectors such as:

  • Retail stores
  • Medical facilities
  • Education
  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Automobiles

General characteristics of Comenity Bank credit cards

Despite this facility providing a variety of different credit cards, their products all share some common characteristics. Firstly, all Comenity Bank credit cards offer you a 10% to 20% discount rate. Secondly, they all come with a birthday gift every year which is usually a $20 gift certificate. Note that when you receive it, you cannot use it as a gift card, cannot combine it with other benefit certificates and it has a minimum spending limit too. As indicated above, Comenity Bank provides a wide variety of store credit cards. An example of a store whose cards they issue is HSN. Here is more about this store credit card and what it provides you with.

What is the HSN credit card and which benefits does it offer?

This is a special credit card offered by HSN facilitated by the Comenity Bank. It allows you to buy a variety of products from HSN and enjoy special benefits. With a HSN credit card, you get to enjoy ExtraFlex discounts on a collection of jewelry, fashion and beauty products. In addition to that, the hsn credit card allows you to perform VIP returns for more convenient and discreet shopping. The HSN credit card also enables VIP financing options too. As a cardholder, you can take advantage of special, exclusive discounts in the HSN store which are not available for everyone else.

Special VIP returns policy

If you return a product to the HSN store under the VIP Easy Return credit card benefit, you get a $5 Spendable Ka$h points reward that you can use in future purchases. It is important to note that HSN Ka$h points cannot be used to buy alcohol, do not buy gift cards and cannot be redeemed for cash. In addition to that, they cannot be used to make charitable contributions. When you make a return to the HSN store, the spendable Ka$h is credited to your hsn credit card 1 day after processing is complete.

Moreover, it will be available for you to use for up to $90 days after being credited. However, it is important to note that this benefit is only extended to the first 6 returns that you make under the HSN VIP returns policy for cardholders. In addition to that, the benefit is only applicable for products that have an Easy Return label. While using the HSN credit card, you can enjoy this return benefit along with many more.

Online access to your credit card

The hsn credit card is developed to provide you with online access to its data. As you register for the card, you can add the benefit of online access to your profile. What does this give you? It allows you to manage your credit card online from anywhere in the world. Moreover, this access is provided to you 24/7 and you can use devices such as computers, tablets or your smartphone to access your account. While in your online account, you can perform further activities as facilitated by Comenity Bank.

Examples of these are:

  • Paying your credit card bill
  • Viewing your monthly credit card statements
  • Signing up for paperless billing
  • Editing your contact information

The HSN credit card is one of the few store credit cards available whose details you can view and manipulate online.

Special features of the HSN credit card

There are some other features of the HSN credit card which you can enjoy after signing up for the product. They include:

  • Flexpay
  • The Deferred-Interest Plan

This is a convenient method of shopping that is provided exclusively by the HSN store. It allows you to categorize the purchases that you make into monthly payments. For as long as a product is eligible for Flexpay, you can use your hsn credit card to make an initial payment on it and take it home. You can then pay for it over time using your card over a number of small, monthly installments. This can be performed over one month or more. Flexpay payments are billed every 30 days from the date you make the Flexpay purchase.

The Deferred-Interest Plan

This is a promotional plan offered to HSN cardholders. It allows you to buy an eligible product within a promotional period of time. You can make full payment for the item during this period of time without incurring any sort of interest on its cost. In this way, the interest is deferred to give you a discount on the purchase. If you find that you haven’t completed the payments for the item and the promotional period ends, all the interest accrued is calculated and added to the final cost. As such, if you use the Deferred-Interest Plan when buying some items with the HSN card, strive to pay for them within the promotional period.


Comenity Bank and the HSN store have partnered to present a credit card that you can use to buy items from the famous store. There is a wide variety of benefits that you can enjoy by shopping in this way and they are indicated above. In addition to convenience as you shop, the hsn credit card provides you with online control of your shopping account. It is a convenient, urban and high tech credit card.

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