Shopping Cart Trick for Credit Cards [2019 Guide + Update]

shopping cart trickThe shopping cart trick, also known as the soft pull trick, is a clever method that allows people with bad credit to get a credit card. The shopping cart trick relies on the fact that many websites will pre-approve you for a credit card during the checkout process without actually checking your score. This means you can get a card without a “hard pull” (which damages your score) and also means you can still get a card with bad credit. This guide will show you step by step how to do the shopping cart trick so you can build your credit score and get back on the right path.

July 2019 UPDATE: Trick is still working! Changed around the list a bit to stay current.

Things to Know Before You Try the Shopping Cart Trick

  1. You must opt-in for credit card offers. If you have never submitted the form to opt out, you can probably skip this step. If you have ever received a promotion in the mail, chances are you are opted in which is perfect. Change your status to opt-in at this website: This has to be done for the shopping cart trick to work.
  2. Turn off your popup blocker or anti-spam tool. The offers for credit cards will appear on your screen during the checkout screen, and if your popup blocker is off, you won’t be able to see the preapproval offer. You can always turn it back on after you get the cards you want.
  3. Don’t enter your full social security #. If the shopping cart trick works, you should only have to input the LAST 4 DIGITS of your social. If you have to enter the full social, it will result in a hard pull, and you may be denied the card. Just keep that in mind.
  4. Works with all credit. As far as I know, the shopping cart trick is the only method that allows you to get a credit card with any credit score. I’ve seen people with a 350 score get a credit card this way!
  5. Only works with Comenity Bank. You’d be surprised with how many stores use Comenity bank for their credit cards. You can find a list of comenity bank store credit cards below.
  6. Credit Cards are only one factor in obtaining a high credit score. If you have unfairly reported derogatory marks on your credit history (such as inaccurate late payments, collection accounts, bankruptcies, etc.), it’s probably worth it to use a third party company to work to get these unfair negatives removed. Doing so can help raise your credit score. I suggest Lexington Law due to their great track record of success.

Comenity Credit Card List 2018

The following stores have a comenity store credit card offer and have been tested to work with the shopping cart trick. To start, select a few off the list that you want, and save the websites for later. I always recommend only focusing on three sites at a time, and if they fail, moving on to three more.

Abercrombie & Fitch
Ann Taylor
Bath & Body Works
Brylane Home
Coldwater Creek
Jessica London
King Size Direct
New York & Company
One Stop Plus
Overstock (Be careful with your social on this one! Only enter last 4!)
Sportsman Guide
Total Rewards
Victorias Secret

How to Do the Shopping Cart Trick (Step by Step)

  1. Clear your browser history, cookies, and cache. You must do this before trying the shopping cart trick. If you’re using Chrome, you can open a new window in incognito mode to bypass this step. Just hold Ctrl+Shift+N to open a new window without cookies or history.
  2. Go to the site you want the credit card from and create a new account. Most of the time you can find the create account link at the top of the page. You want to enter your email address, phone number, and mailing address. Remember to use the same info you would find on your credit report. Confirm your email if you have to. Always make sure you subscribe to emails (sometimes they send you the preapproval letter via email!).
  3. Add a few items to your shopping cart. I’ve had the most luck putting around $100 in the cart with multiple items. You can always change it if you don’t get the offer right away. Try $100 first, then $50, then $150. Those are usually the best options to start with.
  4. Continue to checkout. Act as if you’re going to buy all the items. Go to the checkout page and type in all of your billing information. Give it a second and type slowly. Don’t use autofill to put in your info (for whatever reason this will stop the method from working). Don’t buy the items or click the final submit button.
  5. Wait for the comenity bank pre-approval popup. If you did this correctly, a popup like this one would appear offering you a credit card! If it asks you for the last four of your social, you know the shopping cart trick worked.
  6. Rinse and repeat. Grab as many cards as you like! If it doesn’t work right away, check your email in the next few days. You can also try multiple sites to build your overall credit line.

Best Shopping Cart Trick Stores

There are a few stores that work best with the shopping cart trick. Most people report that the Victoria’s Secret comenity credit cart gives a high chance of showing up, and I know the Express card popped up for me quickly as well. Buckle gives out a lot of cards through comenity bank as well so the shopping cart trick should work well for that one. Those are going to be the easiest comenity cards to get. Like I said before, pick three that you want and try them a few times. If they don’t show, make sure your popup blocker is off. When all else fails to work try three more until you get one!

Guaranteed Approval Credit Cardsguaranteed approval credit card

Many people say that 100% approval credit cards don’t exist, but there are a few that do work. I had a score in the 400s until I found the Horizon Gold Card that preapproved me quickly and offered me a $500 credit limit. Before this card, I wasn’t able to get any card whatsoever. Of course, once I got this card and started building my credit, I was getting offers left and right!

Another option is the Luxe Signature Card. This card is another guaranteed approval that offers a $1500 limit! I suggest picking up the Horizon Gold card and this one as well. Using two cards at once can boost your score quickly.

Credit Score Tips

Getting cards with the shopping cart trick will boost your score a good deal, but if you want to reach your credit score goals, you’re going to have to follow a whole system. The truth is that credit cards can help your credit score, but there are other factors that heavily weigh into how that score is calculated. You’re going to have to attack your bad credit from all angles if you want to have significant results.

I created a free guide showing how I took my score from absolute trash (mid 400s) to where it is now (over 750). In fact, by using the methods laid out in the guide, most people can boost their credit score 100 points in 30 days!

You can access the free guide here. 🙂

Final Summary

To summarize, the shopping cart trick is a great way to get a credit card without actually having a hard pull on your report. It can also help someone with bad credit get approved for a card that they normally wouldn’t be able to get. Remember my tips! If you don’t get the popup, go to the next one. Try again at a later date if you have to. The truth is that this method works if you want to get a card but have bad credit, and I’m a living testament to that. Best of luck! Make sure to post your results in the comments and share any other tricks you might have with the soft pull method.

347 Responses to “Shopping Cart Trick for Credit Cards [2019 Guide + Update]”

  1. jessica says:

    Hi, it’s worked for me..but not for my husband or daughter. could it be because they both have middle initials?

    • admin says:

      That could definitely be the reason. I would suggest pulling their credit reports and seeing how their names appear. I see a lot of people’s names getting spelled wrong or not having the correct middle initials. You must submit the info exactly how it appears on the credit reports. You can pull your scores for free at or you can also pay around $60 for a credit report from all three companies directly as well if you prefer. Good luck!

      • Anxious Annie says:

        I have only been successful with VS. The hard part I am seeing conflicting information at different places as to which credit report the companies pull from. Very frustrating as I really need a couple more to get my score up. Thank you all in advance for any extra advice!

      • Dianna says:

        I did he shopping cart trick for 4 stores. Did last 4 of SSN and DOB and all it keeps saying is we will notify you in 7-10 days while we review your application. I had the Chex Systems freeze but I have it temporarily lifted now and I still have yet to receive anything. It’s going on 3 weeks without a letter or card in the mail. It only works with my address from 1990 but I update my personal information once I get the pop up. So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong because I always get the pop up.

        • SG says:


          The same thing happened to me. The thing is that you have to enter the address that got you the pre approval in order for it to work. I never got the letter and mine was declined because of the address difference.

          I recently had to clean up my personal information on my credit reports. There was duplicate addresses, addresses I never lived at, and addressee that were missing like a letter or number.

          Today I tried the shopping cart trick with my current address and it worked perfectly. I got VS and NYC. So either use the address that got you the preapproval or get your reports cleaned up.

      • Tee says:

        I have VS… it popped up for me before I knew anything about the SCT but now it is not working at all. I cleared my cookies and cache… I tried overstock, express, ny&company, buckle, and venus and no luck… Idk what I’m doing wrong

        • Kal El says:

          Try using Chrome’s Incognito mode. I tried for Express without it and nothing, then I went through the Incognito mode and it worked. You also may need to use a different e-mail.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have tried everything to get this to work. Have even cleared cookies/cache etc. Tried two differen email accts and still nothing. Best part is, my credit score is between 650-700. I walk into VS, got approved immediately. Although Target and Walmart aren’t Comenity, I got Instant Credit on both of those as well.
      Now, just determined to get this to work!😀

    • gee Jordan says:

      Your information has to be entered just as it is on your credit report. No exceptions

    • Melissa says:

      OMG I’ve been trying for a month more and FINALLY got Simplybe too tonight. Thank you so much

    • nicole says:

      it wasn’t working for me then i realized my middle initial is on my credit report so i just add it and it started working..just space after first name and middle initial and got more pre approvals

    • nicole c says:

      i have become obsessed researching about sct…6 months ago i had credit mid 400s…no debt really i had discovered about 18 medical bills a few years ago that didn’t belong to me and got them removed and my credit was just shot..never got approved for anything.. got fresh start account and my score went up over 100 points in a few months ..then i discovered the first no hope.. actually found out after applying and being denied for Vs (been trying for that one for years) a week later i got 250 jd williams and 200 simply be! nothing after that…they brought my score to 617..boom same week my score went up 2 weeks after getting those i got Vs popup! approved for 250..then got buckle preaproval for 4500 but after accepting they gave me…a few days later i got pottery barn for 350 and nothing since then that was a few daYS REALLY trying for overstock and boscovs ill be content !i just want something i can get kids clothes on for my kids and household items… it would help ALOT also don’t be discouraged if ur in the husband is in the 400s and i got him 200 limit on jd williams and simply they seem the be the easiest always on the first try..i have ti use my middle initial cause its on my report right after i realized that is when i started getting more. it worked on both iPhone private mode and MacBook not in private mode..any one have any secrets for overstock throw them this way!! OH!! IVE HAD MOST LUCK AFTER putting in credit card info i just wait a few mins nothing happens i click out of cart to the main page and will get popup then or after editing and adding or deleting items going thru checkout the SECOND time…it rarely works right away,,, pottery barn it didn’t work i clicked out pf cart signed up for rewards program went to check out signed in and boom it popped up

    • Tinisha says:

      Do you have to wait the 5 business days for you to be opt in to do the sct???

  2. Tangee says:

    Bath and Body works is not working for me. When I went to the payment screen, there was not an option for a store credit card at all. They possibly don’t use them any longer?

  3. Amy says:

    My address shows up different on each of my credit reports. Which credit place is the one to use?

  4. Julie says:

    Will this work if you already have a registered account? I can’t get it to work for Overstock, I can’t create a new account because I already have one. I was able to get it to work for two other Comenity Credit Cards about a month ago, but I am having trouble with Overstock

  5. Jess says:

    Tried for a VS card and had luck. A no go on Over stock. Really wanting to get an Express. Is there any other tricks?

    • Henry says:

      Just keep trying every few days. Try making an account or checkout as guest and vice versa. Pull your credit reports and see if your name is spelled wrong. But never give up! You will get them.

    • Boss Ladi says:

      Please help its not working for me on any of them. Im going all the way through putting in my credit info, reviewing the order and nothing comes up.

      • Karen says:

        I’ve did 5 of them and they didn’t work for me and everything is correct.. 🙁

        • Robert Bennett says:

          it really does seem to be completely random. i did overstock and it worked, and i even used my full ssn. I also got one with Boscov’s, even though i’ve never heard of it. limits are low but it did work. this was 2 months ago. Can’t get it to work since then.

      • J says:

        Hey try I went there and at bottom there’s a credit card link. I clicked it and typed in my info, it wants your full social security number. Anyways I did it and I was approved 500 limit it says I should get my card in 7-10 days. I can tell you this right now there’s no way you have worse credit then me I use to be a drug addict and ran my credit into the ground. Been clean a long time but haven’t been able to get a card for the life of me. I was approved in like 1 minute, try it out.

        • Dr. J says:

          Congrats on getting clean. 😊

          • Rachel says:

            Yes congrats to you and may you be forever blessed on your journey to a clean path in your new life
            Merry Christmas!

        • Christine says:

          I have been trying them all and getting no pop ups I cleared my history and my blocker is off. I don’t know hat else it could be? Help!

        • Rus says:

          Congratulations on getting healthy. I am proud of you

        • Nicky says:

          Congrats!! I have been clean a little over 5 years and I’m really trying to fix my credit .i also destroyed it cause I just didn’t I am learning so much..they should really teach about credit reports/history in school cause so many people come out of school and run their credit into the ground cause they just don’t know!! I got the SCT to work with simplybe 200 and JD Williams the next night with 250..nothing else since then really trying for boscovs,overstock and wayfair would love already one of those!! I have us with Victoria secret and said my app under review ugh.7-10 days..2 days later I was placing an order and got the pop up I’m preapproved for 500!!! But then it said under review so I screwed that up by actually applying!!!! I called and today the lady said let me check new accounts and find out what’s going on..that sounded positive !! She said I’ll receive a letter in 7-10 days with a reference number and to call and confirm some info..I said does that mean I’m probably accepted?! She said yes…I squealed..lmfao! I Gave been wanting Vs for years..I literally only wear VS clothes since I’ve been clean… my entire wardrobe ..cost a disgusting amount of money would be nice to get a card for them!! But I’m not getting my hopes up!! Ugh..I don’t have good luck!!!

    • gee Jordan says:

      If there is a freeze on your credit report SCT will not work!

    • Krystle says:

      I cannot not get any pop up only pop up I get are for % off which everyone gets. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Joycelyn says:

    Once I am approved do I actually have to order items right now? Or can I wait until I actually receive the card?

  7. Cassie says:

    Hi. I’m trying for a Victoria Secrets card now but no offer. Could it be because I’m using my cell phone? The popup blocker is off and I cleared the cookies. I even used the private browser.

  8. Pauline says:

    How do you get it to work at total rewards?

  9. Tami says:

    I’m having an issue…I tried once and it didn’t work but when I tried again, it told me my email address was already registered. Do I really need a new email address each time? This was on Simply Be. I keep trying because I don’t know which address to use.

    • Henry says:

      Try checking out as guest. If that doesn’t work, try making a new account. If you can’t get the trick to work just try a new site 😉

  10. Boss Ladi says:

    For some reason i can’t get this to work. Any tips? I read post where people are getting it to work for them no problem. Is one browser better than the other?

  11. Sayb says:

    Will it work if you’ve previously applied??? I can’t get it to work anywhere!!!

  12. sayb says:

    Also, will it work if you’ve applied before?

  13. sayb says:

    I meant to say, will it work if your credit score is around 450?

  14. Tommy says:

    Worked for COldwater Creek for me. I didn’t apply, just wanted to see it work. I have scores on all 3 Credit Bureaus in the mid 700’s

  15. Tommy says:

    The PACSUN credit card program has ended. Effective August 1, 2016, your PACSUN credit card will no longer be available for purchases or returns, and your account with Comenity Bank will be closed on August 31, 2016.

    If you have any questions about this notification or a current PACSUN credit card account, please call us at 1-877-851-3123 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788). We will be happy to help you.

  16. Lisa says:

    I got a vs card without adding anything to my cart..I just went straight to the card options..
    I want jcpennys & bells …no long would you wait once denied?

    • Melena says:

      The whole point of the ”trick” is for the credit card inquiry not to go on your credit report. Therefore, if you’re going straight to the offer, and entering in your social, you’re doing it wrong. If you’ve been denied, you may need to wait a few months, but try with the actual steps outlined in this article, and DO NOT put your social in, not all of it. I think most ask for your last 4, but don’t put in your whole number, unless this article states it’s ok.

    • Allysia McFarland says:

      If you got a denial that’s a hard pull not shopping cart trick

  17. Jordyn says:

    Ok I tried this and got approved for one. Even though I didn’t provide my whole social somehow they still did a hard credit inquiry.

  18. Fellow_friend says:

    I have done this over and over again to no avail. I have attempted it several times in varying degree’s with all of the stores listed. I have done it mostly in Chrome (via incognito mode) and in IE (after deleting my browser history). I have used every email address that I own, tried it as a guest and as opening an account. And, I have added different amounts to my cart. I am so frustrated. I mean, my scores aren’t the best, but they certainly aren’t the worst either. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

    • Henry says:

      Try different combinations of items in your cart. I got the Express card on my first shot. Some people have better success putting less than $50 in the cart, some do better with 50-$100. Try different dollar values! Hope this helps and good luck! It will work just be patient.

      • Fellow_friend says:

        Thanks henry. I have tried all of the tricks. It’s just not working for me. Maybe my credit is too bad. It’s 587 last time I checked.

        • Tamika says:

          Don’t get discouraged. Stop for a while and then try again on a month or so. I couldn’t get it to work for me at all then I finally got Express.

        • Robert Bennett says:

          it seems to be completely hit or miss. I got approved on overstock and some wierd east coast store ive never heard of. But not other ones i’ve tried. I also think they might do it randomly. My score was pretty low. I started to rebuild using a secured wells fargo card. has helped a lot and that was only this spring. Got a ways to go but it’s getting there! Patience is what wins. It’s hard though. good luck!

      • Curious says:

        When you retry using a different amount do you still have to clear your browser history

    • gee Jordan says:

      You must be opted in to receive offers, and your device must be set to receive pop ups.

  19. gee Jordan says:

    You must be opted in to receive offers, and your device must be set to receive pop ups.

  20. Lando says:

    I tried this trick like 6 months ago and didn’t get anything at all then last night I decided it to try it again and got
    Victoria Secret
    NY and company
    All done from my phone using Chrome browser desktop style. So I guess I had to wait to be opt in .

  21. Vett says:

    What do u do when u get to the payment screen, asking for payment info?

  22. Mozell says:

    Hi I have tried three time and got nothing do this really work?

  23. Mozell says:

    I’ve tried this several time its not working for me

  24. Jerry McAlester says:

    When I try to I get this message. Any info would be great, Thanks in advance.

    The website is only accessible through ISP�s (Internet Service Providers)

    located within the United States and its territories.

  25. Terri says:

    I have had success with VS CL $750, Overstock CL $4500, Simply Be CL $500 and Sportman’s Guide CL $6500. I cannot get HSN or Ashley Stewart to work for me though. CS I believe was 667 when applied for them. I am afraid to apply for anything else because i don’t want to get denied for applying for too many.

    • Shan says:

      I got the popup today for VS for $500 limit. I did the last four of ssn and then it said 7-10 days. Is it 7 to 10 days to get the card or for the “letter of doom”.

      • Rebecca says:

        I would like to know this as well! Anyone got the pop up (mine was approved for $350) then put only last 4 of social, only to not get an immediate approval, just the 7-10 day letter? Also, if the letter is not a denial but a verification of identity type thing, will it be a hard pull and not a soft pull when I call the customer service?

      • Niecie says:

        It takes 7-10 business days to receive the card.

    • Steph says:

      How did you get Sportmans Guide

  26. DelJuana says:

    I just tried it with VS and it worked! I was approved for a cl of $350. I have been working on rebuilding my credit since January and my score has gone form the low 500s to a now 640. I’m still a work in progress. Thanks for the tips!

  27. Candy says:

    I put in my full social will I have to opt out and do it over again

  28. Nicole says:

    Is there a limit to how many you can get? I have gotten hsn, overstock, wayfair, victoria secret and full beauty but no luck now with any others. Should I wait awhile before trying again? And do you know how it works to get your limit increased?

  29. Toya says:

    Hi! I tried the shopping cart trick with VS and was approved for $350. My TU score is 550…Equifax 505. I typed slowly.

  30. Daisha says:

    I am not having any luck with any of them I am on a Mac laptop. Could that have any affect on my results?

  31. Nicola says:

    Hi I tried newYorkandcompany I got a message saying they are reviewing my application. Does that mean I was denied the card?

  32. Peaches says:

    I got the pre approval but entered last 4 of social but when i submit its not doing anything. What did i do wrong

  33. Fellow_friend says:

    Does anyone know what credit reporting service that Comenity soft-pulls from?

  34. Fellow_friend says:

    And next question…has anyone gotten it to work on Firefox (private mode)?

  35. Lakshmi says:

    Ive tried VS 4 times . I read the directions about a hundred time did everything on there and still nothing what should i do ? Any other suggestions

  36. Tameka says:

    I was preapproved today for a Brylane Home card but it was preapproved under my old address and maiden name. The card will be sent to old address and won’t be forwarded to me at my new address. Do I just contact customer service in a week or two to inquiry about the card?? It’s so strange, I’ve been married for 7 years, surprised that this would work under my maiden name.

    • Lady Skinner says:

      I am having trouble doing the cart trick, I do not fully understand what the steps are and I am not at all computer literate my Son just got my computer back up from a hard crash and I can’t find anything history, cookies, popups anything, Please help a sista out.

    • stacei says:

      Contact the company and tell them you moved, you have to go through a verification process though

  37. Von says:

    Tried Overstock can’t get it to work any suggestions my name and addy is the same so what else could it be?

  38. LadyV says:

    I would really like to have a Meijer card for catch all purposes but I’m not getting the pop up at all. Anyone else approved for Meijer using the trick? Suggestions?? I was approved for J. Crew account.

  39. Danielle says:

    Does it mean its not working if you cannot proceed without entering all of your social?

  40. Jennie says:

    I like everyone else have tried several different places with no luck! I have made sure my pop up blocker is done, cleared everything and still nothing! What am I doing wrong?

  41. George says:

    Approved VS 350, JCrew 250, Wayfair 500 – just saw Wayfair did a hard inquiry though on Experian. My scores are around 620. Other ones I tried did not work or asked for full SS#. Thanks for the tips.

  42. elisabete says:

    Been trying since yesterday HSN, VS, New york & company, and ann taylor no pops for any.

  43. Jaclyn says:

    Has anyone been able to get this to work for GameStop? Worked for VS and overstock but I tried GameStop several times with no luck?

  44. rick says:

    I used Hide my IP, I live overseas and got J.Crew 250.00 Cl – Buckle 250.00 CL – Overstock 500.00 Cl- VS 500.00 CL. this was sept 29th, but none of the others worked, I live is South America but have family overseas that can make payments and purchase for me as I am from the USA just living abroad. my Credit Score Trans union is only 602

  45. APRIL says:


  46. Sad face says:

    This hasn’t worked for me. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  47. Foxiefair says:

    I tried this with Loft, and it worked! I was so excited! I tried it with Victoria’s Secret, though, got pre-approved, then it said it was under review. I really hope this doesn’t mean they are going to do a hard pull?! Does anyone know? This sucks

  48. Foxiefair says:

    I tried this with Loft, and it worked! I was so excited! I tried it with Victoria’s Secret, though, got pre-approved, then it said it was under review. I really hope this doesn’t mean they are going to do a hard pull?! Does anyone know? This sucks. I didn’t even want it, really.

  49. JT says:

    Approved for 250 ea: NY&Co., JCrew, VS and Overstock. Tried Express, GameStop, Sportsman Guide, no pop-up. I am going to try these again in a few months. Would really like Wayfair and Total Rewards, but I will work with what I have. This really helps me with my credit as I am trying to rebuild. Thank you so much for this!

  50. Michelle says:

    What if you have a middle initial on your credit report but it does not ask for middle initial on the website. Credit reports show different addresses.

  51. THill says:

    I have got this to work on Overstock, Gander Mountain, Ulta, NY&CO, The Limited, HSN, Forever 21, Boscov’s, maybe another one or two. Can’t get VS to work which is the one I really want. I was denied when directly applied. My husband has gotten a couple that I never got the pop-up for. J-Crew and Loft. He also got a Gander Mountain pre-approval through the mail after registering. Our credit scores are in upper 500s. I am wondering if the system flags people applying with the same address because we have never gotten the same card to pop-up. Also wondering if you apply directly and get denied if there is still a chance of getting the pop-up or if no use to keep trying!

    • Dai says:

      how did you get forever 21? I’ve been trying to get the pop up for it but never seem to get it…I got V.S on da first try, Torrid, NY & company and express said unde review but sent me a letter saying they just wanted to verify information

    • Hector says:

      How did you get gander mountain? Was it a pop up

  52. Fellow_friend says:

    I don’t think that there is a Bath and Body Works card anymore. You might want to consider updating your list. I have been trying to obtain one several times before I realized that it doesn’t exist :).

  53. Robert Bennett says:

    I got approved on 2 (overstock and something else, I forget) and i was trying for gander mountain, it would never pop up. Now, i have received a pre-approved letter from them. For a store card. I wonder if i go this route if it will be a hard inquiry on my credit? Anybody have any experience? It has a link to a website and it does ask for my ssn. 🙁 I really would like to have this card but not the credit check. thanks!

    • Henry says:

      I got the Gander card after receiving the pre approval letter in the mail and it was not a hard pull!

      • Shanna says:

        Henry, do u know if these pop ups will work if i have a cpl charge off acts with comenity a few years ago? I have been trying to get back on track wuth my credit the last several months and gettung even one if these cards through the trick would help my score bcs i know how important it is to b responsible with my credit now (hard lesson to learn but i get it now) this forum is great, thanks

        • Crystal says:

          Yes you can still do the truck. I have a commenity charge off account with Bealls on my credit and was still able to get there Express, HSN and NY&C cards using the shopping Cart trick.

  54. Bernice says:

    I tried VS and got approved for 500 and tried jcrew and it worked but I did not accept and Roman for 250 and accepted it. I’m done for now. Got a hard pull on Fingerhut last week on all 3 cr what a bummer. Wish I had known about SCT before I got approved for Fingerhut. Need to boost my scores up.

  55. Summer says:

    I found this page yesterday and I gave it a try. I have over 50k in student loan debts that I fell behind on paying, when I lost my job after getting sick and needing radiation treatment a few years back. My credit was also previously damaged from my divorce a few years back, that resulted in our home being repossessed.

    Despite my terrible credit and huge student loan debt which is still in default –

    I had 5 successes yesterday 🙂

    I had immediate success with Buckle. I then went to NY and CO got approved and then I lost the link when I clicked on something else on the page so I couldn’t complete the purchase – I have read that you don’t have to complete purchase – once you are approved you get the card – I hope that is true because I would actually use that card! I then got approved at Loft. I was also approved at Victoria Secret and Venus 🙂

    I usually don’t comment in post feeds like this – but I am thrilled that this really does work and hope that my success – despite my horrendous credit report – will inspire those of you out there to keep trying!

    I am thankful to all of the Admins and people who have posted on here – it encouraged me to give it a try, and even tho I have been wanting to repair my credit for a long time, I was pretty hopeless about getting credit cards – until I found this website – so THANK YOU!! Your efforts and posts in this feed are much appreciated 🙂

    I am going to try for more accounts – I figure I have nothing to lose and much to gain <3

    • Henry says:

      Wow thank you so much for the kind words!! That means to world to me. Your credit score is in for a big boost with 5 new accounts and no hard pulls! Fantastic stuff!

    • April says:

      I can’t get a offer to come up on any of them. Can you tell me what I’m not doing right. I’m using google chrome.

      • Suzie says:

        Keep trying, since Nov 2016 I’ve been approved for
        Waifair, Overstock, Walmart, Victoria Secret, Brylane, Amazon, Carecredit, ZGallerie, Pier One, Pottery Barn, Boscovs, West Elm, Dress Barn, Ann Taylor, NY& Company, Simplybe, Venus, Overstock, Williams Sonoma, J Crew, and Gander Mountain. All limits between 500-2500.

    • Corie says:

      Did high check out as guest? When did the preapproval pop up? I need help

  56. Ashley says:

    i just got VS credit $350.00 i did it in Chrome and got the offer, then it popped up again in IE with a different card number so it appears i got 2 VS cards, but all the other ones the pop up isn’t even showing. i’m going to keep trying though

    is it possible that i got approved for 2 VS card, i did see the last 4 were different for each pop up

  57. Summer says:

    Also wanted to let you know that a week before I found this website and learned about the shopping card trick I did apply for some store cards online and I am sure they did the HP credit check when I applied for those. A lot of them told me I would get a letter in the mail in 7-10 days. I did get a letter from Bealls – saying they needed to verify my identity. I called them and they just asked me security questions to verify my identity and then I was approved for the card! So the 7-10 day letter response isn’t always a rejection 🙂 Stay positive!

    • KarenFromIligan says:

      Thanks for this feedback. I just got a mail from NY&Co asking me to make a call for some verification processes. I was worried the letter would mean a turn down especially I just got 3 more CC thru the cart trick last week.

  58. WINTERS says:


    • ln says:

      I am still trying to be successful with this trick, but nothing has come up for any site that I try. I have tried, VS, Buckle, Overstock, HSN, and JCrew and nothing. I tried an incognito window; a tab with no popup blocker, no antispam, nothing on and still nothing. Can anyone help me? What am I doing wrong? today I ran my three credit reports and my scores were in the high 500s and low 600s, I went to purchase a vehicle and was denied for lack of credit and poor credit. I need to get my credit going! Can anyone help me tell me what i am doing wrong?

    • T says:

      The pop came before I entered credit card information

  59. Brenda says:

    I cannot get it to work for me AT ALL!! No matter what I do!

  60. Karen says:

    Just tried for wayfair immediate pop up

    Approved for 500$

  61. T.C says:

    Wow… I have horrible credit around 568 ! I do have credit with gettington (who after paying over minimum and on time doubled my credit limit and fingerhut. So Glad I found your site. Got approved for VS card, I haven’t had success with any others but I will give it some time and try again in a month or so. Thanks for sharing this information!!

  62. Dsdyer says:

    I can’t get any to work for me.
    How do you clear cookies on a iPad?

    • Alex says:

      To clear the cache on your iPad In the Settings app, tap Safari, and you will see options to Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data. You can use these options as a first step in cleaning up your Safari browser. 🙂

  63. Shelly says:

    I haven’t tried this yet just reading the comments. Do you have to use the cards if you get approved? I want to build my credit but Im trying to stay away from credit cards.

  64. I just want to clarify that any pop-up blocker/spam software running on your computer or pda should in fact be turned “off” before attempting this technique.

    Paranoid pessimit that I am requires I unburden myself before showing this slightly altered (NO WORDS have been added/altered/omitted from the original quote; asterisks bookending key words in the following quote are meant to both convey emphasis (as well as the capitalization of these words); the asterisks are bracketed “[**]” to let the reader know that text held w/in brackets are not part 7 of the original quote. Nor are any of the words from the original quote written in all caps. Now that my libel paranoia has been quelled,
    “2. Turn off your popup blocker or anti-spam tool. The offers for credit cards will be appearing on your screen during the checkout screen, and if your popup blocker is [**]OFF[**] you [**]WON’T[**] BE ABLE TO SEE THE PREAPPROVAL OFFER. You can always turn it back on after you get the cards you want.”

    • I’m sure it was a typi, but we are supposed to have popup blockers/all spam SW turned OFF so that there preapproval link us able to get through your firewall and reach you. Correct?

      Also, does the link that requires your entire SS# look just like the link to the image of the “preapproved offer” link you provided? Also, is this the same deal, difference being that the full SS# registers the acceptance as a “hard pull” (“hard pull meaning…sought after/indicative of cc shopping which is reported and doesn’t look good for peOple with sh*t credit?)
      More importantly the preappeoval link that asks for your full SS# Isn’t some kind ofidentity theft scam (link posing as the Last 4 link in order to get your personal iInformation?

      Sorry for all the questions. Had identity stolen 8 months ago and STILL dealing with some of the transactions etc. Was a nightmare.

      Thanks in advance


      • Laken says:

        I was wondering the same thing about the opt in site that asks for your full social. Did you do this? And have any problems? Did the card trick work? Thanks

  65. T.C says:

    Just an update. I got an approval for Simply be & JD Williams in addition to the Victoria’s Secret. I have to say Simply be I did on my phone and pre-approval popped up as soon as I was done registering for both Simply be & JD Williams with out adding anything to the cart. I really wish I could get the Children’s Place or Overstock … but have had zero luck and tried with 3 email addresses etc. Has anyone had luck with The Children’s Place?

  66. Alex says:

    i did try it and it worked for Overstock (i got $3000) and for my husband for Wayfair ($500). No luck with the VS…Not sure why. I guess i’ll just keep trying.

  67. Crystal says:

    What do I do if my credit report has my middle initial and I can’t get any of the stores to work. Could this be the problem and can I do anything to fix it?

  68. Brett says:

    My Girlfriend will be happy that I am shopping for her 😉 So far these are the ones that have worked:

    Williams Sonoma
    J Crew

  69. Gail says:

    HSN worked for me for $1750.

  70. Arianna says:

    I’ve tried the VS one multiple times and it won’t pop up, I’ve followed the directions and everything. Anyone else have this problem? What do I do? I’m 19, with absolutely no credit.

    • Arianna says:

      This is not working for me at all and I’m getting so frustrated, everyone else is getting it with no problem, why not me??

      • thingzfall says:

        The same thing happened to me. I tried with VS for like a year. I tried maybe every other month and I finally got the pop-up..only $350 though. Make sure you create an account that helps too. Good luck!

  71. Deb says:

    Did not work for me 🙁 No popups at all. I tried VS and Express.

  72. JoAnne says:

    I googled this and this is a page that lists companies that you can try. But it I dated 9-9-13 hope this helps some people with this. I did try some of them and I got the Brylane Home for 500$ and my scores are in the high 500’s

  73. Angie Arcila says:

    I don’t have a desktop only an iPad /iPhone I tried on my iPhone no luck and the iPad either!! Could this be the reason I really need a desktop?

  74. Angie Arcila says:

    After trying many companies…Just got approved for a 400 ny and company credit card am so happy really thanks a lot I will keep trying!!! By the way I used my iPad so no need for a desktop but I will try more if it doesn’t work then I will try my desk top

  75. Angela arcila says:

    Bryan lane accepted and approved me but when I click accept it won’t open? Why is that happening.

  76. Kristen says:

    So, is your credit increased by getting these cards and not using them? I have a couple of cards already and can’t afford anymore payments. Thanks!

  77. Angela arcila says:

    Another approval jcrew just approved me sometimes I was doing it wrong… so be very careful do it slow and pay attention to every detail…it’s great thanks to the genius that made this possible!!!

  78. dee says:

    Overstock is stating “Please enter a valid Social Security Number” am i doing something wrong?

    • Deidra says:

      Go ahead and enter it. They wont do it with just the last 4. It will still be a soft pull. I got my approval and no hard pulls on my reports. I was able to get Overstock 250, VS 500, Sahalie 350, and Brylane 500. I really wanted Pier 1, Pottery Barn, Express but I guess my score isnt good enough yet.

  79. Kristyn says:

    I have a question, how does our credit score go up if the company doesn’t get our full ssn? Do they still have a way of reporting our overall credit and credit utilization it to the credit bureau without making a hard inquiry while getting the card/cards?

  80. Camille says:

    I wonder what I am doing wrong. I’m not getting anything.

  81. Camille says:

    I wonder what I am doing wrong. I’m not getting anything. I’ve been trying for months.

  82. Star J. says:

    I am trying to the shopping cart trick with lane Bryant and it is not popping up at all. I have cleared my history, registered for an account and still nothing.

  83. Anna Ferdinand says:

    Sounds like a hot mess. What could possibly go wrong with this? People who are financially irresponsible now with a bunch of store charge cards. 🤔

    • T says:

      That’s a very rude comment Anna Ferdinand! Just because someone’s credit score is lower than yours does not make them financially irresponsible! Some people have gone through hardship and their credit got ruined and are not trying to rebuild their credit. (Cancer diagnosis and 100k in medical bills for me) Not everyone is going on a shopping spree just for the hell of it. Most of us apply for the cards just to help our credit.

    • Diana says:

      That’s an awfully broad assumption, Anna. And you know what they say about people who assume things. You make an ASS out of YOU and ME. In this case, you just made an ASS of YOURSELF.

  84. Just me says:

    Got approved for NY& Co. Thanks for the help.

  85. Tom says:

    I had it work for me on Buckle. Just be patient. I refreshed my screen and it popped up.

  86. Heather says:

    Do any of these pulls come from experian? That’s my best score and probably best chance of approval. I have VS and NY&Co, but no luck with HSN, Overstock, Brylane Home, Justice, or anything else I’ve tried from the list!

  87. T.C says:

    Not sure if anyone tried. But this also works at Pier 1. I got the pre-approval to pop up as soon as I started to check out.

  88. T.C says:

    Has anyone got this to work at Game Stop and if so at what point did it work?

  89. Aymie says:

    I was pre-approved for Gettington. I know it’s not part of the Comenity bank group but thought i’d share. It didn’t popup but it did appear in the “cart” area. It stated i was pre-approved for $400.

    • Aymie says:

      Oh and i was also pre-approved for Simply Be for $200 before i started shopping. I just signed up for the account and i got a popup with the pre-approval.

    • Tricia says:

      I was also pre-approved for Gettington for 500.00. I was asked to verify my home phone and they sent me a code to enter online.

  90. Angela Arcila says:

    So am very happy I got three approvals…but they approved me at my first attempt …now I wonder once you create an account with the company do you have the same luck? I mean does the trick work with an existing account? Or do you advice us to just buy as a guest and use other email etc? So far after I tried once and of course I had to create an account and the window offer never showed… then I’ve tried the trick many times and it won’t won’t even as a guest with other emails….wonder if I have to use another computer!,,

  91. Tiff H says:

    What does it mean to have a freeze on ur credit? I’ve read instructions n a few places do u create account shop n checkout within ur acct r do u checkout as guest?????? HENRY PLEASE HELP?!?!

  92. Aymie H says:

    I had posted another comment over the weekend but It worked for me at Simply Be. It happened before i got to the check out. I had just registered for their rewards program and got the pop up.
    I also just tried it at JD Williams and used the SCT. I got to the payment portion and left the cart admitting defeat. I was routed back to the cart and there it was! PRE-APPROVED!! 😀


  93. JeniXO says:

    Just got Eddie Bauer $350 last weekend. Got also NY&C for $500 and Ann Taylor for $250. I still want to get Abercrombie and Fitch and Gamestop!!! Any suggestions? I have tried various times for those 2 cards. 🙁

  94. Jaimie says:

    Do you need to enter credit card info to get the popup?

  95. JEvE says:

    I have tried the shopping card trick at Victoria’s Secret, Overstock, True Value and Gordman’s and I never get the pop-up. Could it be because I applied almost two years ago and was denied and an inquiry shows on my credit from Comenity Bank? I have done all the steps listed on this website and still I don’t get the pop-up

  96. Barbra says:

    I have the same question….I wonder once you create an account with the company do you have the same luck? I mean does the trick work with an existing account? Or do you advice us to just buy as a guest and use other email etc? So far after I tried once and of course I had to create an account and the window offer never showed… then I’ve tried the trick many times and it won’t won’t even as a guest with other emails….wonder if I have to use another computer!,,

  97. karlenea says:

    why is it not working for me i am not getting anything to pop up ive cleared everything turned off everything and even tried different browsers what am i doing wrong

  98. Shirley Baggaley says:

    How do you get Mypoints? Isn’t it a reward program?

  99. Barbra says:

    I have read numerous articles on the Shopping Card trick, and have read a lot of the comments that followed. There is one question that I have not seen asked or addressed.
    Here goes: If I went to a website, let’s say Ann Taylor, for example. I entered my info, whether it is through registering, or checking out as a guest. I did not get a pop-up (and I followed the correct steps, opt-in, no cookies, clear cache, clear browsing history etc), so since I didn’t get a pop-up, no pre approval.
    So, if I want to go back a few days, weeks, etc. later, since I would already be registered from before, would I get a pop-up pre approval? I read some people go back at a later time and get approved.
    What do you do (if anything) different the second time as opposed to the first try?
    Also, how do you delete or cancel your registration on those websites?

    • Henry says:

      You don’t need to do anything different when you go back a second time around. Just log in and try again. Whether you get a popup or not is decided on the back end which can be frustrating since sometimes there is no rhyme or reason why it pops up. You could also try checking out as a guest. Good luck Barbra!

  100. Jo says:

    Just got JCrew and Romans – this was the first time ANY of them worked for me. Awesome.

  101. RB says:

    I’m currently working on rebuilding my credit so I thought this was a good idea. Got my Victoria Secret card with shopping cart trick on my first try. Went back in a couple of days later and got my Buckle card on the first try. Because I like to shop at Express I applied online and instantly received a $250 credit limit.

  102. Chelle says:

    am I automatically opted in once I fill the form out or do I have to wait until I receive notice I’m opted in?

  103. bobbi says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments on here and thank you they have helped me up my credit and my husbands I finally got the pop ups by looking at my credit report and comenity bank uses equifax and my name on that report is my maiden name and is spelled wrong, so I used that name and got 3 pop ups today ny and co, full beauty, and romans so I would look at your eqifax report and use that name and see if it works for you.

  104. Genell says:

    I’ve been trying the trick since July/August on my cell, no luck Bought a new computer and something said try it. First store was Victoria’s Secret got it first try. I also got the buckle, Jessica London and simply be. The buckle and Jessica London I checked out as a guest VS and SimplyBe I had previously created an account. VS I had to go through the procedure but Simply be as soon as I logged in a pop up showed up. Thanks for sharing this info,this will really help me.

  105. JuiiC says:

    Victoria’s Secret worked for me! I couldn’t believe it as I have been denied by them a few times over the years. Approved for $350! I’m happy I came across this “trick.”

  106. Azaan says:

    I have had zero luck but I figured out why. They do use experian and although my name and address is correct on there I think I am getting rejected for a few reasons. The first one being that commenity bank already is showing up as an inquiry on my report as of June 2015 ( I don’t know why or how this is possible). My name also has a Middle initial and there is no place to put that information. What do you guys suggest?

    • Kevin says:

      Azaan put your middle initial in the first block after your first name. “George A” then last name in last box. I had same problem and it worked for me several times.

  107. Mike G says:

    I am building my credit for the first time, so just starting out with 1 derogatory medical collection on my credit report, my FICO scores are all in the 540-560 range. Using the shopping cart trick, I have been approved for…….. VS, Roamans, Ann Taylor, Boscovs, J. Crew, Simply Be, and NY & Co. All of them have low starting limits with NY & Co being a bit higher than the others, but that was to be expected with my FICO score. I only finished the purchase on 2 of the cards, because I certainly don’t want my credit building journey to begin with a bunch of debt, but I wanted the accounts to all age together, hence getting this many accounts.

    • Mike G says:

      As a side note, I was unable to get HSN, Overstock, or Gamestop to work using the trick and those 3 were the first that I attempted. Going to wait a few weeks and then maybe try again as those are the ones I really want and will probably use the most.

  108. Barbra says:

    Well good and bad news! I applied for some cards and unfortunately got hard pulls and my credit score for Equifax decreased from 628 to 606…Transunion has actually increased one point. I was approved for Gordmans-JD Williams-Simply Be-New York and Company-VS-Overstock-Roamans-Brylane Home-Pier 1-Jessica London-Coldwater Creek-Kohl’s-Ann Taylor and HSN…that’s pretty good. I intend to pay my balance on each one before the end of the month and hopefully build my score back up, I never should have applied for Walmart (denied) and Century link has done several hard pulls for internet service. I really wanted the Dress Barn, Wayfair, Chadwicks, Pottery Barn, Christopher and Banks and West Elm, but have tried and just can’t get a pop up, and this was before my score decreased due to the hard inquiries, can’t figure it out.

  109. Gary says:

    It worked for me too!! I got an Overstock for 750.00 Victoria Secret for 250.00 and Buckle for 250.00!! Great stuff, are there any other Banks that do this besides Comeny?

  110. Erin says:

    My middle initial is on both my Equifax and Transunion but when putting in my information when I get to check out it doesn’t have a spot to put my middle initial. Should I just leave it off or out it after my first name? I also got the pop-up for VS but when I went to put it in I think I may have messed it up I. The approval because I changed the address right then and there because I no longer live at the address on my credit reports. I have received no emails no letters nothing.

  111. Brittni says:

    I am trying to start this now, however my two main comments are

    1) How long after opting in do you suggest waiting to make sure the information is updated?

    2) If nothing is popping up for an offer…pop ups are definitely enabled and spam blocker is off…then what? Click apply? Or does it only work if it’s a pop-up offer to apply?

  112. Jeve says:

    If you have to enter your payment info, have you gone too far?

  113. Michael says:

    The onlyy downside – and in totality I thinks it’s a small downside – is that by adding a new account, your average age of account goes down as the new account “dilutes” your average. But again, I think if you’ve got a few older accounts, that this dilution should be nominal. However if your CR has only new accounts, then this may impact you at least in the short(er) term.

    I used the SC twice – got both – and the initial effect each time was a net gain, but it wasn’t across the board in that my utilization rate went down (due to the new available credit being added into the the totals), -and I went up in terms of net number of accounts… so those two metrics went positive.. but I took a small downward hit with average age..

    Would I do it again? Absolutely, but perhaps I’d wait a bit between adding new SC trick accounts so I can/could build up my average account time, thus lessening the dilution from a new account.

  114. Traci Gilbert says:

    Couple of questions maybe you can answer for me.
    1. My address on my credit report is old. So how do I get the cards to come to my new address?
    2. I already get email stuff from Buckle, HSN, and
    Way fair. Can I still try to get cards from them even though I already have accounts?

    I have read a zillion forums on this. I did get VS at $500.00 so it gives me hope.

    Just don’t know how to get the cards to the right address. Also is there a minimum credit card that works for most of these stores?


  115. Rob says:

    Simply b worked for me finally. .registered and the prepproval popped up.. $200 cs 505..

  116. Kevin says:

    HELLO EVERYONE. Just letting everyone know i got VS. Ann Taylor . last year on cell phone without clearing browser. (Didnt know i needed to till i read it on this sight) I then a couple days ago with cell on crome, cleared browser and cookies in cognito mode and DEST TOP MODE..Then i got Boscovs and Buckle very easy. But could not get others. Tried overstock more than 100 times in 3 days with no offer. Used different emails and got nothing. Then i read about middle names on credit report mine is listed both ways. My middle name is “Dee” so i listed my first name and then i put Dee all in first block followed by last name in second block. Then address….. got approval popup in 2 1/2 seconds. Credit score 590. Good luck everyone.

  117. Tameeka Anthony says:

    Thank you so much for this info! I got the Victorias Secret card on the first try! Now I’m trying for Express and Buckle.

  118. Serge C says:

    Just did the shopping cart trick at wayfair. I created an account with them, an offer appeared “Appliy for a card with us and you get $40 off your first order of $250” I added a matress and a rug for $4567.62 and they extended $3500 credit. I did not purchase, only did it to see if it will work. I only used the last four of my social. TU690 EQ692 EX768. So my credit is ok but it’s still good to know that you can get credit without a hard pull. Hope this helps somebody, and remember, no two cases are exactly alike.

  119. C Cervo says:

    It worked for me! I was able to get VS, JJill, Brylane, Pier1, and Jessica London all in one day.

    Thanks so much!

  120. Kia says:

    i must be doing something wrong because I’ve tried at VS & BBW and still nothing pops up. I’m using a Macbook, could that possibly be the issue? I rarely get pop-ups from here regardless of the website. Used several emails and Nothing for me, yet my friend was able to do several for her & her husband.

  121. KS says:

    It worked for me right away (VS). I showed my friend who tried it but nothing popped up :/

  122. MJ says:

    I just tried this for myself, my brother and my mom. My brother was approved for HSN $750, Overstock $250, Venus $250 and Ann Taylor $250. I was approved for Wayfair $1500, Venus $750, Overstock $1500, HSN $1000 and Ann Taylor $250. The pop up did not show up with my moms information at all but I assume that may have to do with the fact that she has 0 (ZERO) credit history. That seems to be worse than having BAD credit lol. What I noticed is that HSN, Overstock and Ann Taylor required a payment method to be entered and saved before the popup came up so be prepared to go through ALMOST the entire checkout process. Hope this helps.

  123. Dan says:

    Thank you for this trick. I have bad credit around 500 Fico and tried Victoria’s Secret and Abercombrie no luck. Then I saw the sample pop op message you posted from Ann Taylor, went there, entered my info and credit card number, clicked on review order, andn bingo I receive an offer like the one in the pop up picture u posted in this blog article, a discount, preapproved, and entered last 4 of social. Got $250 credit line

    I’m a man and I don’t even plan to use it. However, maybe the female family members would be interested or I can buy a gift for my gf

  124. Glennidra says:

    Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? The VS card isn’t working and I followed the steps given :((

  125. Barbra says:

    Has anyone had success with Metrostyle, Chadwicks, or Herbergers?

  126. Barbara says:

    I got VS and Wayfair to work!!

  127. Lisa says:

    It really works!! I got approved for the Ny & Co. and the Victoria Secret cards. I did the trick back to back on both sites. I will say that if your score is REALLY low it tends to not work….I have noticed this with a couple of
    My friends. (My score range was 630-650). It raised my score 20 pts.

  128. Barbra says:

    Credit Limit Increase: When you go to the creditors website and ask for an increase, do they submit a hard pull? For example, I went to the Kohl’s website, and it asks for your annual salary, and it says the determination might be dependent upon your credit history from the credit bureau….I did not request it because I wasn’t sure. Can someone please help.

  129. Rob says:

    finally got a 3rd.. over a month ago i could only get simplyb and jdwilliams (easiest to get upon creating account) tried several others today and got jessica london to appear for $250

  130. TooTall says:

    Do you need a PC? I tried VS, Express, A&F from my iPhone and MacBook and did not get a pop up.

    • me says:

      In don’t know how your credit profile looks but when I first started using this tactic my fico was all low 500’s and the first ones that popped up for me was simplybe and jdwilliams. Try those.

      Should work on Mac as long as pop ups are allowed in your browser.

      Also if you have a middle name reported on your reports and a pop up doesn’t occur by the time you get to the payment input screen then back up to personal info section and add your middle initial after a space behind your first name then proceed forward.

      I had to use my middle initial on some but not all.

      After simplybe and jdwilliams reported my account my scores went up and all of the other sct sites started working left and right. I’ve gotten them all except for VS, total rewards visa and sportsmans visa. One day though.

      • fran says:

        Hello Ive tried and tried the trick with no luck.
        My problem is all three credit reporting agencies have different and old addresses..
        Your lucky its worked for you I have low credit due to it taking many years to pay off a student loan.
        Do you happen to have a current step by step guide (printable preferably?) for the SCT
        thanks for any help you can offer me.
        Much Peace & kindness from Texas!

  131. Kaysavjan says:

    Guys I need some help!!! I got VS and buckle to work but can’t seem to get overstock to work, which I really really really want!! I need some pointers to help????

  132. Mig. says:

    Anyone have had success with a 480~500 credit score?

    Also, do these still work? Granted, I’ve got to be patient but not a single pop-up on any of them… Damn.

    • J Young says:

      Yes, these do still work ,just got one today…the whole idea of it is they don’t do a hard pull, It may work for you….give it a try & see.

  133. Kristen says:

    Did it with Victoria secret worked the first time around. Had actually been denied this card less than 4 months ago. Gave me a $500 limit. Made sure to do it from computer

  134. Renee says:

    Has anyone ever got Abercrombie & Fitch to work? I really want that one and GameStop, but no luck.

    Victoria Secret $350
    Overstock $250
    Jessica London $250
    Express $500
    Buckle $300

    Credit score was 530-550 a year ago and it’s 590-620 now. Trying to build it back up to the 700’s.

  135. me says:

    add williams and sonoma to the list.

    had the ad in gmail and did the SRT and worked for $250

  136. Summer says:

    I got a pre-approved pop-up for Sonoma Williams, it asked me for full SSN – has anyone got this? If so, was it a SP or HP? I don’t want to risk a HP! Thanks 🙂

  137. mac says:

    been trying for over a week and i finally got Jcrew 250.00 and VS 500.00 to pop. The other one i got to pop but i declined was New York co.

  138. Barbra says:

    I was approved for Ann Taylor, HSN, and Full Beauty back in November. They were all pop-ups. I viewed my Equifax and Transunion credit report today and saw where all three did a hard pull?? I don’t understand why. Has anyone had this problem, and I only entered the last four digits of my SS number. I believe it has decreased my credit score.

    • Wouldnt you like to know says:

      With credit cards they ALL do a hard pull no matter what. This website and it’s so called tricks DO NOT work. Trust me they will do a hard pull with at least 1 of the credit bureaus.

      • Ginger says:

        You are sooooooo wrong. There are LOTS of these cards that this works for. However, you have to make sure they say you are pre-approved, not just that it pops up asking you to apply.

        Hard pulls can definitely happen, and you have to be prepared for that possibility. But for most store cards with a pre-approved popup, you won’t get a hard pull.

  139. Angela Arcila says:

    I was wondering .. can I still get approved after creating an account.. I was approved a few months back on my first attempt on three cards.. but after several attempts it keeps asking for the account log in which I had to create the first time on many comenity bank cards on your list and unfortunately with no approval so now every time I make an attempt it will ask for an account and no pop ads.. does having an account make a difference on approval?I’ve been trying for two months many times per day with no pop ups

  140. Barbra says:

    Has anyone had any success with Herberger’s? I have tried over and over and no pop-ups.

  141. Barbra says:

    Has anyone had any success with BonTon? If so, can you tell me the process, I have been approved for numerous others, but cannot get the BonTon to work.

  142. Andrew says:

    Is there any way to get this to work in Canada?

  143. Marianne says:

    I tried this today and got a pop ups for NY and Company. After filling out the info it said further verification was needed. Has anyone else experienced this? Does this mean I wasn’t approved?

  144. Dee says:

    This worked for me a couple years ago and I got VS with a $500 limit. I tried again today to get the card but hasn’t worked yet. Today, I was able to get:

    Express – not sure of the limit yet.
    NY & Co – 7-10 I should get an answer.

  145. Dora says:

    I just did vs for 350 and right after got express, I did it on a laptop vs phone, but express didn’t tell my how much my score is low 500s

  146. Kim says:

    I was approved for VS & Express but JCrew and Buckle it doesn’t work. Which that’s probably a good thing. However, I have had my cards for 6 months now, I started out with $250 minimum on each one and paid on time for both. Hopefully, I can get a increase. Because you can’t get nothing hardly with that amount.

  147. Lora says:

    Im not getting anything and I tried VS, overstock, Express, jcrew and Bath and body works. I got my credit report and it has my married name which im using when checking out I also tried my maiden name and nothing! my scores are beteween 580-600 and I already have a cap 1 card on my own and am an autho user on a Lowes, nordtrom, discover and best buy with $3000+limits. I tried using Internet explorer (inprivate) and chrome (incognito) Idk if im putting enough in the cart when checking out or what??? Any advice???

  148. Mabel says:

    You might want to add Eddie Bauer to this list now. It just popped up for me for a store card.

  149. Les says:

    Not working for the two i tried. Victorias secret and walmart never gave a popup. Took my time, had plenty in the cart, but still had to click on their links to apply, never entered full social only last 4, pop up blocker is off and each time i do it i clear everything except the last 3 things in the cookies and cache, close google and, open the browser and then shop and apply. Both times i got wait 7 to 10 business days for additional review (rejection lol)What am i missing?

  150. shaunte says:

    has anyone got approvals and got certain cards to later get letters that the account has been closed.

  151. Anne Yezek says:

    How do you clean your credit report? Do i need a paper report or can it all be done via rhe internet?.how so you get old addresses, etc removed?
    How do you know what name it has on it?

    When we bought our house 6 year’s ago the pulled our credit report, i had a credit card for JCPenny’s. I don’t remember getting one or using it. They could see that no balance or anything!
    If i did get the Penny’s card it would have been the mid 80. Why would it still be on there?! I told the bank exactly what i wrote above & they said i shouldn’t worry about it since there was no balance……i felt like they didn’r really care. 😞

  152. Autumn says:

    You can add Ulta to this list. I was preapproved and got a credit line of 200 with a pretty poor credit score. I’ll check back in a week to see if it was a hard or soft pull. Had to only enter my last 4.

  153. Kristin Chaffin says:

    I was able to do VS and it worked for 350 cl but it was a hard inquiry even though I typed in last 4 of social. I also was preapproved for nyandco for 500 but it hasn’t shown up on my report so I’m thinking soft.

  154. jessica says:

    I had credit scores of 504(transunion) 511(Equifax) in May. I applied for a surgery loan in June and was not approved because of my low FICO scores. I contacted my loan officer and she let me know i needed a score of 720-780 to get qualified (considered by FICO as Good) and I was in desperate need to get my score up because i had to do the surgery at that time. I had seen some wonderful recommendations of this genius hacker( fixed my FICO scores to 750+ in 3 working days across all 3 credit bureaus and I was approved within a week. I still have my scores at 782 because it is a permanent hack. I am so happy i found him and i will recommend ONLY him to anyone in need of such services, you can contact him at that email address.

  155. Babs says:

    I got approved for an Ann Taylor Mastercard, Williams Sonoma Visa and a Herbergers only to have all three closed within a few weeks due to too many inquiries. No warning letter or anything. Wish I had know this before. I don’t know what impact this will have on my credit score which was increasing. 🙁

  156. Leshia says:

    Where do u go to turn the pop-ups on

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